Tuesday, March 31, 2009

History Homework

Hey writers! I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and you have been writing away. Today I have a new exercise for you all. I want you to write a poem that characterizes a historical figure. It could be a historical leader, a role model or even a Greek mythology character. I want you incorporate historical facts but also relate the characters to the present.

For example I wrote a poem about the Greek God Apollo. 


Artemis sprinted into the blue mist coating he forest floor.
Thickening fog choking her feet.
She giggles as she darts behind the trees
her golden locks woven with leaves.

I race into the blur of purple at the black horizon.
My foot leave the ground, and the sun perks up.
She defeated Capricornus and Taurus,
spraying my face pastel pink.
Damn it, I can't escape it.

I race against the streaks of light
in search of my little sister.
She tackles me down into the autumn leaves,
grabs my lyre from my clutch and plucks the silver strings.

We sit together until the last ray tickles out noses.
Poetic lyrics mixing with the tune.
The wind blowing the song over Athens
and up for Dad to hear.

Have fun with this one. It's really interesting to take on another persona. Happy writing :)


  1. Neat idea. Tks for sharing and the inspiration.

  2. Wow, a little poetry to stimulate the mind huh?? I like.. good post.

  3. I personally like Archilles so maybe I'll conjure up a little Brad Pitt style poetry. Thanks for the tips!!