Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun With Forms: What's A Haiku?

Hey friends! I hope you all had a great time with your 5 senses poems! I know my friends sure did. I want to move away from the free verse style of writing poems and have you try and write your first form poem, a Haiku.

Now I know you all must be like what the heck is a Haiku it sounds like someone just sneezed. A Haiku is originally a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables in three lines, a Haiku juxtaposes seemingly unrelated observations in order to glimpse the hidden connections between things. It relies on mood and suggestiveness. Calling it a "form" is almost an understatement, since it serves as a means of illumination.

Most Haiku's deal with nature, seasons and sounds. They don't have to rhyme or have a certain rhythm. It just has to be three simple lines. First line has 5 syllables the second line has 7 syllables and the third has 5 syllables. Here's a few of my own:

Sherbet ice tabby
Cheshire cat smile lingers
Whispers lost in wind

This Haiku was about a tabby cat I saw crossing the street on campus. I had no plans about writing about a cat for my Haiku, but the magic of poetry just made it happened.

Sun kissed dimpled cheeks
Sea salt saturated hair
Challenging the waves

This Haiku was inspired by an old picture my mom pulled out over Christmas break of me and my cousin at the beach.

Now it's your turn! Sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature or just observe the world around you and look at certain objects differently than you ever had before. Open your eyes and your ears and EXPLORE! Happy writing :)!


  1. i have tried time and time again to post on your page here and it never seems to work. i really like this one jen, i remember when i used to do these types of poems in middle school haha but even tho they are short and sweet they are fun to write.

  2. These are my favorite types of poems; mostly because I must have missed class on the day when my classmates worked on their rapping skills.

    Also, you really should let that poot cat out of that bottle, I mean that is most definatly not comfortable for the sad little thing.

    And yes, we are still hotties on the beach, just like when we were 5.