Monday, April 13, 2009

People Watching

Hey all! Hope you all had a great Easter! As for me, I just flew back to North Carolina from New York. A very good vacation for me (but I ate WAY too much.) Anyway, I'm sitting here in the airport waiting to pick up my roommate and though of a great poetry exercise.

I'm sitting here people watching. Watching people race to flights, eating cinnamon buns, and having the wheels break off of their bags ( I felt so bad for that person.) But as I was sitting here watching the people pass through Charlotte airport I started asking questions. Where were they going? Were they going to see their family or flying to go to a meeting tomorrow for work?

So here's my exercise, I want you to people watch and image their life. Go outside and watch the world around you. Watch the people and image their personality. It's actually a lot of fun making up a whole different life!

Sticky Fingers

Cream icing falls onto my fingers
as snow frosting mountain tops.
Brushing my brown locks away from the danger zone
the box tumbles to the ground.
An acrobat twisting down onto the titled floor.

I don't look very professional sitting here licking my index finger
in my Ralph Lauren suit and Channel glasses on.
Trying to just blend in with the crowd. Always trying.
Still just a kid at heart.

The freckles on my face can be traced into constellations
hidden zodiac signs. My chocolate bangs can not even hide
the freckles in my eyes.

I pick up my Gucci laptop case and head towards the gate.
Still sucking on my sticky fingers. Any last trace of paradise
still reminds on the tip of my tongue while I
enter back into reality.

That's just something I worked on real quickly. I like it, but I may go back and work on it again. That's the beauty of poetry, you can always go back and re-work your piece. It can make it stronger or maybe you'll end up not liking it as much. But never EVER throw away your work. You'll never know when you can use it.

Have fun with this one! It's always fun to see what kind of life you can come up with!


  1. I enjoyed reading this, probably because I can relate to how you started this blog. I was delayed for about four hours on my flight back to school and spent a great deal of that time people watching.

  2. I bet you wrote that while people-watching in the airport! Sticky fingers = Cinnabon? Hahaha.. that's what I pictured, at least! Anyway, I really like the imagery in this.. I can really picture the girl you're talking about. And I agree - never throw away your work! :)

  3. I saw this terrific blog featured in the Salisbury Post. You go girl! Getting famous (-: